Dance has so many positive impacts on children and young people. Dance can impact culturally, physically, mentally, socially and creatively. In this CYPDNN #DanceImpacts advocacy film we witness first hand some of these benefits and hear from children and young people, their teachers and leaders, funders and supporters, advocates and others. Please view, share, like and use the film to support dance for children and young people where you are.

Alongside the film, CYPDNN have drawn together a range of supporting and useful resources available to CYPDNN members, that highlight dance and creative subjects, its popularity and usefulness, its importance and relevance and cover a range of statistics, quotes and opinions. These also look at the apparent decline in the dance offer for children and young people in school settings. Dance provision is often patchy or under threat from cuts or being reduced in school timetables in favour of other subject areas. Despite the clear impacts and benefits, it appears that dance is in decline in many of these educational settings and that dance is deemed a less rigorous or realistic subject to take at GSCE and A Level.

Share your experiences and highlight how #DanceImpacts you and the children and young people you know or work with. Use the hashtag #DanceImpacts and tag CYPDNN and together we can raise awareness and advocate better for dance for children and young people across the North.

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#DanceImpacts - you can request our resources list by emailing info@cypdancenetworknorth.org

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