Pathways Into Dance

Short films with dance artists, teachers and leaders - sharing their pathways into dance. Highlighting their training, inspirations, current focus and tips.

Digital Dancing a programme of online resources that will have wide appeal to young dancers, teachers, aspiring choreographers, dance lovers and artists. The programme will include Pathways in to Dance, an ongoing series of interviews on camera from artists, dance companies, movers and shakers who are living, performing, working or connecting in the North. 

Pathways into Dance

CYPDNN has been catching up with a variety of professionals who are happy to share their Pathways into Dance. Each artist, choreographer, teacher or performer is connected to the North (based here, performing here, working on projects here or from here) and discussing on camera their early career path, their inspirations, their current focus and offering advice and top tips on careers in the dance profession. 

These films are available to share on twitter and housed here on the CYPDNN website, and are also listed as vimeo links. They might be useful for aspiring young dancers who are keen to know more about the different pathways in training and into dance. 

For further details go over to our News page and check out the blogs where the various films are posted with more information, website links and the vimeo URL for each dance professional. Check back regularly for new films - you can also see new Pathways into Dance edits as they are shared on twitter @cypdancenetwork 


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